Enrollment in The Master's Program Session 13

Enrollment in The Master's Program Session 13 requires five to seven minutes of your time to complete on-line forms for registration. The forms are quite simple to complete, requesting informational items such as contact information. The process begins with completing the fields below.

Personal Information

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Financial Arrangements

As a member of Session 13, we ask that you make a contribution to The Master’s Program Session 13. That membership entitles you to invitations for the Session 13 events (6 breakfasts or dinners) and any other event that Session 13 sponsors or advocates. These other events include retreats, Issachar Summit, DreamMaster weekends and other beneficial opportunities. While the cost of the breakfasts and dinners will be covered by your membership, costs associated with additional events will likely not be included. You will be informed with each invitation of any additional costs.

  • An annual contribution to the ministry of $1,000, which can be made annually @ $1,000, quarterly @ $250, or monthly @ $85, by pre-arrangement.
  • Membership is annual and will renew on the anniversary of your initial contribution. This is a tax-deductible part of your Kingdom giving.

Checks or transfers from giving accounts can be sent to The Master's Program Session 13 to the following address:
          4500 Campus Drive, Suite 550, Newport Beach, CA 92660   
If you chose to use a credit card, please complete the information below so that the contributions can be set up as an automated charge.